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Use of Plant and Machinery may be common in the workplace, but there are a number of Health and Safety risks that should be considered. Machinery checks, such as the condition of the machinery and the guarding methods in place, need to be observed in order to avoid Health and Safety incidents.

This Plant and Machinery course will give you the key information you need in order to work towards Health and Safety compliance. All people using equipment at work must be adequately trained to ensure health and safety in its use, supervision or management.

Some work activities require detailed formal training but, for most everyday activities involving work equipment, adequate training can be delivered inhouse using the manufacturer’s instructions and the background knowledge / skills of more experienced workers and managers.

People should be competent for the work they undertake. Training – along with knowledge, experience and skill – helps develop such competence. However, competence may (in some cases) necessarily include medical fitness and physical / mental aptitude for the activity.

Many injuries can be caused by moving machinery, so there is a lot to think about before using such equipment. It is also important to consider other factors, such as members of the public visiting a work area with Plant and Machinery equipment close by. It’s vital that you assess the risks associated with Plant and Machinery. If your workplace involves the use of this equipment, this course is for you.