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Power Transformers play an integral link in the power delivery chain and have their own unique characteristics when compared to switchgear, and requires specific understanding and knowledge. Power Transformers are static items of plant, other than tap changers and are amongst the most important items in a plant, utility, etc

In order to fully understand the importance of transformers in the electrical industry, it is necessary to take a “back to basics” approach. This commences with the discovery of electromagnetic interaction, an understanding of transformer theory, including early designs and history. Thereafter, the major components both inside and outside the tank are explored. To enhance the understanding, a transformer design shall be conducted up to the point of active part specification (core size and windings).

For transformers in service, oil analysis and diagnostic electrical testing (from design, construction, factory acceptance to commissioning) shall be covered.

Finally, developing a maintenance strategy and implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan and the management thereof for the full life cycle of the transformer. The course also covers protection relays and mechanical devices associated with transformer protection, the understanding of the operation of protection devices and assessment of potential failures and their causes.