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Standards have become a part of our daily life. Enlightenment on the need for standards and how they are beneficial for us and industry is indespensible . Wiring standard mainly deals with the safety aspect of electrical installation and wiring of premises, therefore it is compulsory for each user to follow the instructions given by authorized person to obtain the necessary certificates of compliance.

SANS 10142 is a national adoptable standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring in South Africa. In some cases, the content of SANS is amended, altered and may even be rejected in order to address unidentified flaws or to cope with the technological advancement.

Since 1978 to date, SANS 10142 has undergone series of amendments and the latest edition is 1.8. In this two days intensive and interactive course, participants will be provided with indepth review of SAN 10142 including the latest amendment 8.

The course will in detail elaborate on the need to ensure that people, animals and property are protected from hazards that can arise from the operation of an electrical installation under both normal and fault conditions. Therefore installation requirements regarding conductors, cables, distribution boards, circuit breakers, fuses, earthing, bonding and protection will be presented. General requirements for Special installations and locations, verification and certification of electrical installation will be covered


It is estimated that electrical drives and other rotating equipment consume about 50% of the total electrical energy consumed in the world today (and this figure increases to 70% if you only consider industry).

The cost of maintaining electrical motors can be a significant amount in the budget item of manufacturing and mining industries. This workshop gives you a thorough understanding of electrical motor’s protection, control and maintenance and gives you the tools to maintain and troubleshoot electrical motors.

You will gain a fundamental understanding of the protection, control and maintenance of electric motors and drives. Typical applications of electric motors in mining, manufacturing, materials handling and process control are covered in detail. The concluding section of the workshop gives you the fundamental tools in troubleshooting motors confidently and effectively.